Agulu Lake

In the Eastern region of Nigeria, Agulu Lake is a well-known tourist destination with a large population of crocodiles and water turtles. Standing atop the bridge built by the former governor Peter Obi and looking out over Agulu Lake is one of the most beautiful sights in all of Anambra state.


Foreigners, non-natives, and students, particularly those enrolled in secondary institutions, have used the Lake as a tourist destination. The Lake is situated in Agulu, Aniocha Local Government Area of the State, along Awka road.


The lake does not allow fishing. Because they are considered sacred by the locals, crocodiles cannot be killed. According to legend, during the Nigerian civil war, these crocodiles helped save the town from enemy soldiers. It is thought that these revered crocodiles and turtles changed into lovely women to trick the troops into swimming into the lake, where they vanished into thin air. This assertion has not, however, been verified.

Yet, at noon, turtles and crocodiles can be seen sunning themselves on the lake's shores. So, there is a chance that you might see one of these revered reptiles if you are fortunate enough to travel during that time.


Although it is advisable to use caution while visiting this location, the lake has a particular keeper who makes a yearly sacrifice to it, making it less harmful for unintentional visitors. His cottage is located right next to the water. The amazing thing is that he feeds and cares for them while coexisting fearlessly with the crocodile.

The lake is also where the Idemili River, which provides water to several settlements in Anambra State, originates. The Lake is known for its religious and cultural landmarks, which are slowly being destroyed by natural and human forces such as flooding, soil and gully erosion, as well as the consequences of landslides caused by inadequately stabilized geological formations, weathering, and pollution.