Nwafor Ogidi Festival

The Nwafor Ogidi Festival is observed by the people of Ogidi in the Idemili North Local Government Area and Ogbunike Village in the Oyi Local Government Area. The farming season ends with the Nwafor Festival. According to the history of Nwafor Ogidi, the festival traditionally lasts for 11 days, beginning on the first Friday (Afor) of the month of July and continuing for the next 10 days. A few days before the festival, on the exact day of the Orie market on Thursday, ceremonial masquerades perform the local dance to establish the mood for the major celebration. After that, the highlight, which typically takes place on Sunday, is when everyone gather at the palace of the Igwe (the King) to pray, give thanks to God for a fruitful farming season, and ask for a plentiful harvest of the New Yam. In addition to Christmas celebrations, the Nwafor Ogidi festival brings families together.