Who Is Chief (Dr.) Joseph Ikechukwu Mbaezue?

Late Chief (Dr.) Joseph Ikechukwu Mbaezue is from Ihiala in Anambra State. He built the famous Ọchanja Market in Ọnịcha (Onitsha).

He built Aba Shopping Complex, Asa Road, Aba.

He built and donated the famous JIMBAZ building at the University of Nigeria, Nsụka Campus which houses the biological sciences. Anyone who passed through the UNN or knows its environ cannot miss knowing the great JIMBAZ building.

Any structure in any other public institutions that goes by the name JIMBAZ was built and donated by him.

Plus several other public structures constructed by his company across Nigeria and West Africa.

He was one of the great postwar pillars of support for Ìgbò people and my people of Ihiala.

The first civil engineer from my town Ihiala and one of the first Ìgbò civil engineers produced in a Nigerian university (University College Ibadan).

One of the Ìgbò greatmen who are unsung but with great accomplishments.

One of those who shaped what is the modern-day urban spaces of Ìgbòland.